Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the answers to all your burning questions

Where are the meeting points for lessons at the two resorts? (Club Piou Piou, group and private lessons)
  • ESF offices are located at both resorts (Superdévoluy / La Joue du Loup). Meeting points are near our ESF offices at the foot of the slopes of the resort where you are staying.
  • For Club Piou Piou, we invite you to meet us directly at the entrance of the Snow Garden.

Where are the ESF offices located?
  • At Super Dévoluy, the ESF  office is located at the foot of the slopes, in the building called "Le Bois d’Aurouze" facing the slopes.
  • At la Joue du Loup, the ESF office is located at  "Place des Argousiers", next to the ski lifts.

Are lift passes included in the price of lessons?
  • No, our prices don't include lift passes, equipment or insurance.

What pass should I plan on getting?
  • For the Snow Garden, you don't need a pass. For beginners; adults and children (Ourson lessons) you need a "Chasse-Neige" pass (access to green pistes only). Starting at Class 1 for adults or Flocon for children, you need a "Tout Domaine" pass (access to lifts).

What equipment should I bring with?
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly advised for anyone skiing or snowboarding, child or adult. Ski poles are not useful for beginners. Our instructors will ask that you come with poles starting at Flocon level at Super Dévoluy and starting at 1st Star at La Joue du Loup. Wearing a ski mask and/or sunglasses or goggles is always encouraged. 

How can I book my lessons?
  • Group lessons (all season long) and private lessons (outside of winter holidays) can be reserved online. You can sign up for cancellation insurance if you book online. You can book your group lessons for February Break by filling out and sending us the reservation form found on our site. 

Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions!